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What You Need to Know about VA Homes Loans and Its Benefits

Owning a decent home is a challenge for many people in the United States. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) gives a VA loan to military members and veterans. Over 22 million American veterans have benefited from the VA Home Loan since 1944, according to Veterans United. But, many people aren't aware of […]
December 24, 2019

Owning a decent home is a challenge for many people in the United States. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) gives a VA loan to military members and veterans. Over 22 million American veterans have benefited from the VA Home Loan since 1944, according to Veterans United. But, many people aren't aware of the qualifications of getting the loan. In this post, we discuss the VA Home Loan in Massachusetts and its benefits.

VA Home Loan Eligibility

Service members, surviving spouses, and veterans are eligible for a VA loan. They have lifetime eligibility and they can use the loan to buy new homes or improve existing ones. Still, most lenders require applicants to show a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You can get it online. Also, you should meet other loan requirements like employment and income verification.

Veterans with a low credit score can get a VA loan. You need to adhere to the VA mortgage guidelines. Some lenders help VA loan applicants get approval through aggressive underwriting. People who pay bills promptly and have an average credit score can get a VA loan.

VA Loan Application Process

VA home loans are different from typical mortgages. The Department of Veterans (VA) guarantees a portion of a VA loan in case you default. It enables lenders to offer a VA home loan in Massachusetts without asking for down payments. Here is an overview of the VA loan application process:

  • Prequalification: Visit an approved VA lender. Prequalify to receive an estimate of how much you can pay with your credit, income, and entitlement. It is necessary to undergo the prequalification step to get loan pre-approval.
  • VA Loan Pre-approval: It encourages you to search for your dream home. The lenders verify the financial and income information that applicants submit to determine their purchasing power. The lender will give you a pre-approval VA letter if you convince them that you can pay the loan. The letter shows that you are a serious buyer.


  • Making an Offer: It is prudent for inexperienced homebuyers to consult real estate agents. They will help you get a decent home. Check its condition before you draft a contract and an offer with a seller. A VA loan certified agent can enlighten you on the fundamentals and benefits of VA home loans.


  • Review the Underwriting and VA Appraisal: The lender will ask for a VA appraisal of your ideal home. It doesn't include a house inspection. Instead, it is a requirement that ascertains the market value of the property. Furthermore, the home should meet the VA loan property requirements. An underwriter will assess your financial and income documents. You will get a clearance if the information is genuine.
  • Closing: The buyer will sign relevant paperwork and legal documents. You will receive the keys of your new home once you close the VA loan.

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9 Benefits of VA Home Loans

The following are nine benefits of taking a VA Home Loan:

1.      VA Loans don't have Prepayment Penalties

VA Loan beneficiaries can sell their homes after some time. The loan doesn't have an exit fee or a prepayment penalty also, it doesn't need you to pay a fixed amount of money per month. You can join the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan program to refinance a VA loan with another VA loan.

2.     The Government offers A Guarantee

VA loans have many favorable terms. The federal government assures lenders that it will pay a portion of your VA loan if you delay sending monthly payments. This guarantee helps lenders provide more VA loans to borrowers without strict payment terms.

3.     You can assume a VA Loan

VA loans are assumable. Homeowners can transfer existing VA loans to potential buyers if they are eligible for a VA loan. Assumable loans are beneficial to people who want to sell their houses and relocated to other states. It covers you from increasing market rates if your VA loan has a low rate.

4.     They Don't Require Mortgage Insurance

Most lenders ask loan beneficiaries to pay mortgage insurance if they make a small down payment. It is often known as private mortgage insurance (PMI). An FHA loan covers you when you default a loan. It is important to pay a mortgage insurance premium (MIP) for FHA loans.VA home loans don't need mortgage insurance or down payments.

5.     There are Different VA Home Loans

VA loans have adjustable or fixed rates. You can use it to buy a condo, a duplex, a new or manufactured home. Besides, the loan can help you refinance a mortgage, improve or repair your house. Most VA certified lenders advise clients on how they can use the loan efficiently.

6.     VA Home Loan has a Simple Application Process

All mortgages have distinct documentation.VA loans need you to have a steady income and a high credit score. Its guidelines are more flexible compared to those of other mortgages. It has a VA loan guaranty that helps you buy a decent home.

7.     Low Closing Costs

The Department of Veterans Affairs caps the closing costs that lenders can charge VA loan beneficiaries, making it more affordable than other loans. Moreover, it helps you save money for home improvements and new furniture.

8.     A Flexible Funding Fee

VA loan applicants pay an upfront cost that depends on your eligible service, down payment amount and loan amount. You can finance the funding fee with the loan. Even so, some VA borrowers don't have this privilege. It is given to single surviving spouses of dead veterans and veterans with VA disability compensation.

9.     VA Loans don't need a Down Payment

Many house loan programs require applicants to pay a down payment to buy new homes or condos. Some lenders charge up to 20 percent. VA loan helps you finance the entire purchase price of a property.

The VA Home Loan in Massachusetts provides American veterans and military members with more than 100 percent financing. They don’t need to pay private mortgage insurance. You can borrow 100 percent of a home's reasonable value. It allows veterans to receive loans that are more than compliant.

Using the above information, you can gauge if you are eligible to apply for a VA Loan, knowing what the benefits are.

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