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Value Watch

The Value Watch Program is about the equity you have in your home. We monitor home sales on a continuous basis. When there are higher sales in your area, it can increase the value and equity you have in your property.

Why is this important? With higher home values and equity it gives home owners options that they may not have had in the last four or five years.

If you have a 2 nd mortgage with a balloon payment, or a negative conversion date we now may be able to consolidate it. If you are paying PMI, which is insurance that only protects the lender, we can try to eliminate or reduce it. You might even be able to consolidate debt at historically low fixed rates with tax deductible interest rather than pay high interest on credit cards.

We identify specific sales that could directly impact the value of your property. If you have the equity now to accomplish your goals great, if not we will continue to monitor comparable sales around your home specifically and contact you as soon as it appears viable.

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Agents are currently available
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