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Debt Mastery

Debt Consolidation Mastery

We Serve the town of Manchester and surrounding areas in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine

Are your monthly bills getting to be too much to handle?

Are you looking to eliminate your debt and increase your monthly cash flow?

Let us help you REDUCE your monthly payments and INCREASE your credit scores with our Debt Mastery Program. With this Signature Program, Nextgen Mortgage, Inc. has helped hundreds of customers struggling with debt by:

  • Lowering their mortgage rate
  • Transferring from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate
  • Combining credit card debt, school loan debt and second mortgages into just one monthly payment

We represent multiple lenders in the town of Manchester and surrounding areas in New Hampshire including the state of Massachusetts and Maine. We will shop for the best lender and rate for you and your financial situation so you don’t have to. Contact us today to speak with an expert Mortgage Planner and see if our Debt Mastery Program is right for you.